We operate across a breadth of industries requiring the highest global standard in safe access solutions.

Our state of the art safe access machinery and experienced operators will ensure your project is completed to stringent height safety standards and high quality work standards.

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Power Industry

LinCon supplies insulated safe access platforms built for safe powerline access to the power industry for maintenance, emergency response, and construction projects – including bare hand work and live line maintenance.

The insulated and uninsulated safe access platforms we hire to clients in the power industry range from our 30 metre towers to our 75 metre towers, depending on the project and site accessibility.

Machines in our fleet used by the power industry:

Renewables Industry

The growing renewables industry across Australia is generating high demand for world class safe access platforms used in renewable infrastructure construction, maintenance, and cleaning across the renewable energy infrastructure and related power networks.

LinCon most commonly supplies safe access platforms from 57 metres to 103 metres to our clients in the renewables industry.

Machines in our fleet used by the renewables industry:


Telecommunications Industry

LinCon supplies safe access platforms designed to offer safe and efficient access to telecommunications infrastructure including telecommunication wiring, cables, and mobile towers for maintenance, construction, and repair work.

The safe access platforms we most commonly supply to our clients in the telecommunications industry range from our 28 metre towers to our 75 metre towers depending on the project and site accessibility.

Machines in our fleet used by the telecommunications industry:

Infrastructure Industry

LinCon machinery hired for infrastructure projects, including civil road and bridge work, most commonly ranges from our 13 metre access platform up to our 57m metre access platform - in addition to our range of underbridge units built for accessing underbridge work sites with challenging accessibility.

Machines in our fleet used by the infrastructure industry:

Mining Industry

LinCon supplies access platforms rated for mine site work to mining projects across QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, TAS, and WA. Our access platforms hired for mine site projects range from 57 metre platforms to 103 metre platforms and meet mine site safety and size requirements.

Ports and rail industry

Projects requiring safe access for at height works in the ports and rail industry frequently hire LinCon plant and machinery to complete at height project works efficiently. Our underbridge units most commonly used on ports and rail projects range from our 6m units to our 23m units, in addition to our rail units such as LinCon’s Barin AB 10.5 Combi built for at height safe access across both rail and roads.


LinCon supplies safe access units to the industrial sector, most commonly ranging from 45m to 103m in height, for access across a broad range of projects and job site requirements.

Vegetation management

LinCon supplies safe access units for vegetation management projects including civil works, land clearing, tree lopping, and powerline maintenance work, with units most commonly ranging from 13m to 48m depending on the job and site accessibility.


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