You’re not just hiring our machinery, you are buying into our expertise.  For us, everywhere is accessible.  There isn’t a job that’s too high, too complex, too specialised or out of reach.  We go to great lengths to ensure everything is possible.  That’s why our clients love us.

We have home grown, world class expertise to repair, rebuild and maintain our fleet and that of our clients.  When you hire our machinery, you’re investing in the operational peace of mind that we have the experience and capability to respond should the unexpected happen.  Given our Australia-wide presence we can have a technician onsite immediately to undertake repairs or arrange a replacement from our local fleet.

We’ve taken every measure to minimise the risk of unexpected, costly downtime.

  • Fixed costs, no budget surprises
  • 24hr mobilisation across Australia
  • Large variety of machines ensuring we can solve the most complex engineering challenges
  • The only Palfinger accredited company in Australia – our stamp of excellence

Our Range

Travel Towers
Under Bridge Units

LinCon’s Under Bridge fleet offer a variety of highly capable, simple and easy access for all under bridge works.


Barin ABC 50 Under Bridge Work Platform (coming soon)

Barin ABC 60 Under Bridge Work Platform

Barin ABC 180 Under Bridge Work Platform


Barin AB 16SL Under Bridge Insepction Unit

Barin AB 16SM Under Bridge Insepction Unit (coming soon)

Barin AB22 Under Bridge Inspection Unit

Road Rail Combi
Insulated Travel Towers

LinCon’s Insulated Travel Towers are designed for work on sub-transmission and transmission lines up to 500KV. The heavy duty telescopic machines enable bare hand maintenance, inspections and repairs while the system is still live.

55M Bronto Sky Lift SI 178 LIDT – Telescopic Bare Hand Tested to 500Kv

60M Bronto Sky Lift SI 196HDT – Telescopic Bare Hand Tested to 500Kv

65M Palfinger Live Line Insulator Washer – Telescopic Bare Hand Tested to 500Kv


Lincon offers a value based logistics service.  We collaborate with clients to present efficient and effective solutions.  Our clients take advantage of time and money savings by dealing with one supplier who can do it all.

In choosing to partner with Lincon you will have access to a wide range of equipment and expertise.  Our Australia-wide network is extensive; we have the right equipment and personnel to service a range of industries in urban, rural and remote conditions.

We specialise in:

  • Crane Hire
  • Traffic Control
  • Heavy Haulage

Every job is different and we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our client’s specific requirements.  Talk to us today and find out how we can help you get the job done.

Brands we work with

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