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2.0 Safety Policy

At LinCon we specialise in Elevated Work Platform access and provide the latest in EWP technology Australia wide. As part of our services, which include live line maintenance, we also offer Elevated Work Platforms for sale, as well as carry out EWP maintenance with our fully equipped workshop facility. At all times we pride ourselves on providing the latest technology in access equipment and ensure our operators are trained and competent to operate in a safe and efficent manner.

LinCon are committed to the following;

  • The ongoing developement and improvement of our occupational health & safety system with a focus on the reduction of illness, incidents and injury for all employees and the company.
  • Observing, implementing and fullfillng the requirements under the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations applicable to the state of operation.
  • Ongoing and active dialogue and consulation around health and safety with all persons involved in LinCon Hire & Sales activities to ensure safety for all.
  • Ensuring our staff, employees and contractors receive the appropriate health and safety training to enable them to conduct their work tasks safely and to prepare our employees for the duties required on relevant sited and ensures they comply with their obligations.
  • Having our leaders lead by example and demonstating a visible commitment to health and safety to motivate, educate and support our managers, staff and employees.
  • The ongoing regular monitoring and review of our health and safety performance to monitor the effectiveness of OHS actions and ensure our health & safety objectives and targets are being met.
  • Ensuring all levels of management, staff, employees and contractors carry our their health and safety responsibilities.
  • To esnure that any incident resulting in injury, illness or injury has effective preventative actions implemented to precent re-occurence.


Craig Lindores

General Manager
Effective Date 03/3/2014
Policy Review Date 03/03/2015